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PC Center of Prophylaxis "Gigiena-Med" incorporated within group of the companies Gigiena-Med, was founded In August, 1999 as the firm producing disinfectants.

Gigiena-Med is the leader in sphere of producing and sales of disinfectants in Russia, the countries of near and far abroad.

    The main directions of Gigiena-Med's activities are:
  • development, production and introduction of new disinfectants;
  • the advisory help and training of the staff of various establishments to apply disinfectants;
  • participation in the program on preventive maintenance of intrahospital infections in various structure hospitals.

Golden Badge

In November, 2002 PC "Center of Prophylaxis "Gigiena-Med" was awarded the diploma and gold medal of The Main Russian Exhibition Centre for development the universal disinfectant "Brilliant".

The Patent ¹ 2203094 was registered in the Russia State Register of Inventions and was given PC "Center of Prophylaxis "Gigiena-Med" for development of disinfectant "Brilliant" by Russian Agency for Patents and Trademarks.

"Gigiena-Med" is the member and winner of awards of many exhibitions holding in Russia's regions. Only in 2006 the staff of the company presented the products of the firm at 18 exhibitions of a various level, including abroad.

In December 2006 on results of the International exhibition (competition) "All-Russia mark (III millenium). The Quality symbol of XXI century " the company was awarded for the honourable diploma and the Platinum medal " the Quality symbol of XXI century " for development of universal disinfectant "Brilliant" and the Gold medal " the Quality symbol of XXI century " for development of disinfectants " Brilliant paradise", "Brilliant spray ", "Brilliant hands", "Brilliant instant", "Brilliant light" and liquid soap "Brilliant sister".

The product of the company is distributed among 79 countries, the countries of near and far abroad and is in great demand not only in different kinds of hospitals but in communal services and food, education, transport, culture and sport sectors.

The scientific and technical department of the company considering needs and applications of our clients, constantly studies and searches new formulations with the purpose of creation new disinfectant and the washing-up liquids, completely satisfying requirements of our consumers in all branches and areas of a national economy, medicine, formation, culture, sports, etc.

The company holds on clear business and open trade policy as for competitors and partners as for authorities. The focus of the company's staff for the final results, professionalism and the common aims of them give the company an opportunity to see their future in optimistic way.


С 6 по 9 февраля наша компания примет участие в 22-й Международной выставке  Aquatherm Moscow 2018. Приглашаем Вас посетить наш стенд №В248, зал 14 в павильоне 3 МВЦ «Крокус Экспо», Москва.  
 4 декабря стартует Российская неделя здравоохранения в Москве.Приглашаем посетить наш стенд.
          Приглашаем на наш стенд 14G42 (2-ой павильон 14 зал).  
 Астрадез Септ Обладает пролонгированным бактерицидным действием не менее 3…4 часов. Не оставляет следов на поверхностях после полного высыхания.
Фестиваль красоты "Невские Берега" пройдет с 21 по 24 сентября 2017 года.