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About company

Since 2000 the group of companies "Gigiena-Med" is working intensively at the development and improvement of disinfecting for the whole medical sector. We work intensively at the research and development of user-oriented innovations and products. Our aim is to offer products that are produced according to the latest technological standards and knowledge to achieve high comfort and safety for users.

As we have our own production plant we constantly develop new high-performance and economical agents.



Our company has been awarded many times with diplomas and medals of different fairs including international for development of disinfectants.  

 The company started to produce high-performance washing and disinfection agents for the food industry: milk, meat, fish, fat-and-oil, confectionery, baking, producing of alcohol and non-alcohol drinks since 2007.

The company is interested in a long and mutually beneficial cooperation with enterprises. We are ready to work on comfortable terms with giving a goods credit, flexible discount system, consultations and attentions to each client requirements.


С 6 по 9 февраля наша компания примет участие в 22-й Международной выставке  Aquatherm Moscow 2018. Приглашаем Вас посетить наш стенд №В248, зал 14 в павильоне 3 МВЦ «Крокус Экспо», Москва.  
 4 декабря стартует Российская неделя здравоохранения в Москве.Приглашаем посетить наш стенд.
          Приглашаем на наш стенд 14G42 (2-ой павильон 14 зал).  
 Астрадез Септ Обладает пролонгированным бактерицидным действием не менее 3…4 часов. Не оставляет следов на поверхностях после полного высыхания.
Фестиваль красоты "Невские Берега" пройдет с 21 по 24 сентября 2017 года.