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Brilliant Spray-2

Brilliant Spray-2
This is a powerful latest preparation featuring a wide range of antimicrobial activity, by its toxicological parameters ranking among the safest disinfection preparations (4th hazard class), it has a neutral odor and features a low allergenicity.
The key peculiarity of Brilliant Spray-2 is a short period of exposure needed for disinfection-1 minute for the full microbial range, (3 minutes for MDR and XDR tuberculosis).
When all people are informed about the rick of contamination with dangerous infections, express disinfection in the presence of patients causes in them a feeling of safety and trust, which is essential for optimization of the treatment process.
Way of use: irrigation.
Composition: didecyldimethylammonium chloride (QAC) 0.07-0.08 %; dodecyl dipropylene triamine 0.13-0.15 %; isopropyl alcohol 65-66 %.
Microbiological activity: the preparation is efficient against bacterial flora (including tuberculosis), viral infections (including various types of hepatitis (A, B, C), HIV, poliomyelitis) and pathogenic fungi.
Area of use: for urgent disinfection of small and difficult-to-reach indoor surfaces, furniture items, appliances, sensors of diagnostic equipment, sanitary equipment, patient care items, medical waste products, objects of sport equipment and items requiring rapid disinfection and drying, etc.
for the 1st minute throughout the microbial range at:
  • Medical and preventive treatment facilities (stomatological offices, admission offices, resuscitation, operating, examination, dressing rooms), welfare institutions;
  • Laboratories (including microbiological ones);
  • Objects of communal sector (hairdressing salons, hotels, hostels, etc.);
  • Objects of motor transport, including medical ones.


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