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Brilliant Paradise – 2

Brilliant Paradise – 2
"Brilliant Paradise - 2'"

Colorless transparent liquid with specific odour.

11% Didecyldimethylammonium chloride and the other functional additives.

Antibacterial activity:
Against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria including colibacillus, staphylococcus, streptococcus, salmonella and spore-forming bacteria (vegetal form) and wild yeast).

Purpose and scope of application::
Equipment, stock, tare and surfaces disinfection in working areas of bavarage, dairy and meet manufactures.

Method of application, safety precautions and first aid are expanded in Application instructions of food manufacturing: meet - 19/07, dairy - 207/07 and bavarage - 21/07.

All available kinds of transport according to rules which are in force in Russia and guarantee safety of products and tares in the original covered producer's container.

In stormproof tare in cool place far from heat sources and protected from moisture and direct solar radiation, separately from food and far from children in temperature from 0°С to +40°С (it is allowed defrosting for short time; when defrosting consumers' features remain). Avoid contacts with eyes and skin!

Safety precautions:
Use one-piece suit, rubber boots and means of invividual protection: for eyes - protective spectacles, for hands skin - rubber gloves. In the situation of incident if the solution spilled the liquid should be adsorbed with matter keeping liquids (seligagel, sand, rag, sawdust), then gathered and spent to utilization. The remains should be washed off with bulk water.

Environmental protection:
Not let the disinfectant ingress into discharged/charged waters, underwater and drainage.


polyethylene stable bottle 1 dm3,
polyethylene canister, capacity 5 dm 3

Expiration time:
3 years.


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